The Only One


Everyone is wearing their faces
Safe and fearlessly stuck in their places
And all I want is to take off my mask and swear
‘For all that is left in me, I WON’T CARE ‘

And laugh away my past
Give away all I have
For today and the rest of days
Shadows of light will separate
And night will fill my emptiness
Night be my escape
Find my way from here

The taken years; we are told to never let go
You claim I am no good now that I’ve said no
It is fair; if I have fallen, I am not the sort you miss
You won’t read between my lies,
You’ll not save me from my secret
I must cover up instead, even once the tears turn red
My screams of breath from this blood we share
For all that is left in me, I won’t care…

I remember a time when I knew love
When the warmth of our sun left not a scorch of sky above
When life was in everyone’s eyes and to dream should have been enough
But it came to be that all I would dream was everything I shouldn’t want
You look at all I’ve done,
You fear what I’ve become

By sharp edges of broken glass and how these memories will pass
Please leave me the only one


It’s my fourth attempt at drawing that portrait. I’m sure if I’m still here in another year I’ll look at it and be completely appalled at the inaccuracy…lol Took about two weeks on and off. The poem beneath it started out as one thing then I don’t know. I’m just leaving it as is and probably won’t have it go with any music. Time’s running out and I’m okay with leaving somethings alone now.


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