I Get In My Own Way

A Life Enough

A life
But not alive enough
Falling completely and with all love
I’ve long stopped trying to reach above
The sick and quiet I was spun from

Another bone slammed against an edge
Why hurt me when I can simply hurt myself?
There is always something on the floor
With something ugly at my door
My dead face – forever yours

You get into everything and become all of me
The only reason not to live I know I’ll ever need
You are behind saying I won’t knowing that I must
You move me far beyond the cusp
Beyond cut down and broken up

Your moments feel too much
With images of blood and
The sounds of a soaked crunch
Always at my ear; my fill of shame is clear
It’s not right I am still here


The painting above is older, I just went back and got a much better shot. The poem is newer actually. I recently finished editing many of the latest ones and they have a different vibe to them as many were my attempts to write lyrics. I suppose I’m talking to my “shadow” in this particular one. Sums up my state of mind well enough at the moment. More of the same…



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2 responses to “I Get In My Own Way

  1. “Why hurt me when I can simply hurt myself?”
    great poem. and i love the pic. for some reason it seems very retro to me :S xx

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