Shadow of the Sun

The Friend

Spilled blood defines you
My friend, my only constant
You are with me and all they never were

The outcome I dream
At every inch I feel
And all I will ever dream
Until I make you real

There when I’m in need
Your intentions, your compassion again sees me through
You will be more than the edge I fall away from

There is no heart,
And there is no soul I hate more than my own

I am taken far outside I ever thought I’d go
And cold in my hands, looking to an opened window
Something’s out there, and of what
Neither of us knows,

But I’m too weak to let it hurt you
I will be dead when this all ends


The painting is a random drawing I just felt I should finish. I’ve been lower than usual lately and the lines above I thought might reflect somewhere in between some things I can’t put many more words to at the moment.

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