A Reading


Day of distraction fails
Cold and bleeding, spill the hell
Trusted memory of pain
And its reliance you have gained
The knocks that will unlock and open you a door

This world of too many goodbyes
Love those needles in the eye…
Their death was easy
They were told what to think
And you thought I would not find out

My bones are bone, my skin is just skin
I feel the break, I hear decay
We’ve found our selves again, as strangers
And the rules say pretend for one another
So that what is hidden will stay hidden away

Melt open and re-infect the spirit chained
The whip is taken every day
So forget better—it is always worse
Lay my head down and wait for
What little life returns


The painting was just a sketch I wanted to see what I could do with. It’s supposed to be someone trying to do a palm reading, trying to ready herself for the next fight or obstacle she’ll have to face, but-by the expression in the eyes- it’s driving her mad. Just my guess as to what it means, if a meaning is needed at all. I just didn’t want to waste paper, so I finished it.


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