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Shape the chaos
Dark soul of the unknown
The reveries of time unwind
To calm this ocean’s hell

The subconscious of many gods
Of their gods and their gods so far from
The mirrors are folded inward and bend to light
And release the cry and ache of creation

A pulse resonates, the bodies learn their blood
And the weakness in their love for the star
The purest is never so pure, a silence will leak sound
Here, there can be no with— without the without

Remember the rogue spin that set them all in motion
And the tear in the fabric that has slowed us down
It is why we are the numbers witnessing a measured time
A trace, the first nothingness which sleeps away our minds


A revised painting from years ago paired with a newer poem…


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At the Corner


Like you, I aim
The guns are up
Two shots and will arrive my peace
With my head and my heart to bleed

The wings aren’t real to me
Stopped by the scent in the air of need
Bloated bodies at the corner of every street
When will they hear us calling?

There is no where else to go
What was built has fallen and there’s hell below
It’s always justified; so many people had to die
Watch another many souls cross to the other side

They are aggressive in their lies
Leaving the agony of their mistakes all for another life
So preoccupied with an expensive feel
No one here wants to be made real

A dollar bill beat up and grossly passed around
Understand I am sorry— your creased make me cry
We were dropped with hate upon the ground
And scarred with all we’ve figured out

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This painting was originally just a sketch to pass the time. I think for me now it represents someone who has a leadership role, but they’re being worn down by the demands and responsibilities of that position. It’s not easy having to always be “on”, to say and do the right thing all the time and the expression reminds me of being both overwhelmed and lost or dead beneath this cover everyone knows and expects certain things from.


Already I am different
Take your pictures, watch my eyes turn red
I give you time to take me in
To understand what things you can
To flip the truth, to compliment
–Pretend I’m who I say I am

You know I have a secret
Somewhere safe, faces beneath the face
A feel of dense and joyless- I create
And I don’t have a stake but I know your game
My whole life is what I am willing to waste
And since you are afraid— you will stay right where you stay
As I sweat from the fires and let blood for the wake I fear
If I am to wait for the end

All they witness are the months I’ve aged this minute
Never ask what has happened and surely not where I’ve been
I am not just in pain or discontent
These years are of my worst regrets.
Exposed the very moment breath began

World, I mask to mutilate
And I must die from this mistake


The poem is something I wrote when I just felt the need to spill one night. Thinking too much on the past and about how much people think they know about a person, what their motivations are and what’s really behind what they see.

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The Words Between

I’m trying to sleep, and trying to keep
From grinding out my teeth
Dear pink, green, blue and white
Please swallow up this mind

The disappointments keep me down
And dig my place beneath in ground
‘You’re nothing as you are,
You uninspired piece of art’

Listen, you will leave me alone
Before I snap and beat you with your boot’s steal toe
All is sick and my thoughts are grim
Dead…and this death is ugly

But like the pillow
Below where my head lays
I’m grateful an end is here
Grateful it’s all our fate.


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