From Atop Their Suns

What are they?
Falling down the way they do
Where everyone can see
Shouldn’t death always sneak up on us?
Please lull me from this dream

Don’t think I don’t remember, I have to die young
Like the luxury that no one wants,
Reckless but right, I grip this gun
No one would ever know

So many times I’ve jumped from high atop their suns
When will the breath give out? This body, all my blood
The soul has already escaped my cell
When time runs out I listen in love
As the bars crumble to their hell


The lines aren’t very good but what’s new….lol. I need to stop rhyming don’t I… The painting is based off a photo of Amy Lee that is a favorite and one I always thought would be great as a painting. Not saying I did it justice, but I tried to at least show near the same sense of freedom and clarity I take from the original picture. It’s been sitting around unpainted for months and I finally got it out of the way.
This is all I’m doing. Finishing drawings/paintings and pieces of writing. Putting them all in a book for someone to eventually find and burn. At least that’s what I’ll ask them to do. If I’m going to feel as embarrassed about these things then that’s all I deserve to see happen to them. I know I’m not making sense. It’s not even important so I’ll leave it alone now.


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