After the Rain

Be Gone

“Don’t hide yourself, give open eyes to this rain fall
Don’t worship the walls surrounding you so tall
Beyond your secret there is something else to be
A better voice to listen to
Better things to dream”

I thought I could hold on to you, but
To keep and to lean feels wrong
When lifting you up means you must let me down
All it means when you hold on

Your well wishes were not very loud
What you’ve seen in the light is not what I’ve found
Just say it’s easy, what you know is all I need
While at night every one of my faces bleed

Hope and gratefulness—arrogantly proud, but
I love it when I drown, when I decide to do without
When I am lost I never can scream
Because Gone is always with—
“Be gone” is all that I believe


The lines above are basically about being resigned to the idea you are misplaced, and anywhere on the outside is exactly where you belong.

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