Every time I bring it up…

The Weakness

No, you aren’t better
You aren’t stronger than I
Never having had to reach
This high beneath the knife

It’s been about the spiders
Nesting in your ears
Every time I bring it up
That I’d rather not be here

My last bitter wish tossed
And taken by the well
May your indifference drag you
By your feet into my hell

I embrace this low and desperate site
And thank God every single night
For End, His only sure promise
Someday well all will die

Come closer now, you’ve got to see
It’s not about strength
It’s been about this weakness…
Being strong enough to break

Choosing to stand alone
To disperse all faith
To quietly become the pain
And never let it go

Please, stop pretending.
You have never been
Your own


All I can say about the poem is I was angry when I started it. The drawing is my attempt at doing a portrait with semi-hard pastels. I don’t use them normally because they’re hard to control, but I tried. The eyes are painted with acrylics but that’s it.


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One response to “Every time I bring it up…

  1. I really love this drawing. I have no idea how you managed to do it with pastels—they always seem to smear and go everywhere but where I want them to.

    I read every post you make. I wonder if you know that?

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