The Drowned

Without hope for tomorrow
As long as you feel alone, you are
They try to relate, still you contemplate
No one listens, you’ve gone too far

And don’t remember to use what they gave you
You could never accept their help
It’s been so long and you’re so unwell
Even with all secrets bled nobody can tell

The new lies you fail to reflect in time
It’s in everyone’s eyes and wrinkling your space
Built up too carefully, you crumble in disgrace
An accepted illusion, it’s not you they’ll miss

The one spade for all these graves you dig
You will soon lie beneath
Isn’t it hard to forgive the beginning?
You’ve tried, but you’re still falling asleep

You used to ask, you used to want
What’s happened? The moment you start, you’re done
You are that string of gloomy days
Of rains too rich to value, all is drowned

They once tried to clear your sky
And rend your dark gray clouds
But the air to breathe and light needed to see
Aren’t so important now

The forgiving comfort of illness
Happiness would leave you with so much less
A nature nourished as you weaken all attempts
And burn the sweet air clean from any act of kindness

Weightless one and without spirit
Your faith in life long caught the wind
Away, as written throughout your years and
Years of abandonments

Long and a little different I guess. Sorry if it’s hard to understand. I don’t like feeling like the only one who knows what I’m talking about, but that’s probably always going to be the case. Stuck in some kind of box, locked away talking to myself….I feel crazy.

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