And become one

Sometimes I feel so much anxiety about my life and where it’s headed and for all I have not done yet or should have already done by now—sometimes I just can’t breathe. My head is spinning, I don’t know what to do with my restless nerves, I can’t cry though I know some sort of a break down would be a relief from the way I’m forcing myself to keep it together. I just don’t want to do this anymore. Where can I go where nothing is expected of me, where nothing and no one needs me? They already don’t need me though. Suppose I’m making myself sound more important than I honest am…lol. Well then, for the heart, its beating, the blood, the breath. I don’t need these things. Haven’t done anything to deserve a chance here and it really seems ridiculous now. Shamefully ridiculous.

I’ve been rewriting lyrics wondering just where I am within them. It may end up like so many other attempts at songwriting. I pick apart so much, take out what feel like lies or feel cheap and unidentifiable until there’s nothing left to name.

A subject on my mind lately:

The Moment Known

Shadows move in
And become one with the darkness

A hint of the truth we’ve all waited for
The motionless-
Beloved hush at our very core

The breath- taken, gently opened door
Desiring more than all that’s been given before

You have a way to see inside
Appreciate this ache
For the moment it’s known that you must let go
You’ll already know your way


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