Puzzle Piece

Something recent and different I think. It means something to me, that’s all that matters anyway.

Take in another random son
Go on to kill the girl
Between them I am left without a place

What gives hope but is ultimately hopeless?
Feel bad enough about yourself
With tears to burn your flesh
The solid road and strong rope to drag us on our faces

Time allows the emptiness in all of us to bloom
The rose becomes so appalling in its endless unfold
As the tall walls are tilting loud and cringing over
Too many peel about too fast
But, remember the beginning?

When the first trickles of the river would creep
It is meant to feel, to read beneath where it’s already been
Center of a soul simply being found

The light you’d rather not trust sees you beading over
As you are taught the taste of passing—the tremors of great change
The ugly shreds and consumption of painfully shed skins
To swing these contemplations in a lonely brokenness

I don’t regret scrapping up dried blood
And clipping at these scars


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