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I’ll Never Go Back

Burned bridges we jumped from
Ones that fall right through
The vines are trying to handle their lazy blooms
Sit with me; figure out why I am here
I’m forgotten and don’t correct
And you don’t know what to do

I am for the curse—the name is spoken
Yet I can’t go when the shadow’s rise
To where the spirits melt behind the sky

My freedom is over
There’s no reach into the other worlds
So trapped inside my own, repressed
Controlled, by the nowhere I must go
The force of every echo—and to move would be against
To move would mean the death of the bit of soul that’s left


This post’s title is the name of the painting. As with most of what I’ve written recently, the lines beneath it are without a title. I’m trying not to be so hard on myself when it comes to writing at the moment and excuse how terrible the results have been to this just being a period of not so great material. Nothing’s coming together the way I want and I’m trying to wait this out to see before I abandon it all together the way I did before.

Anyway, the painting was originally a sketch I drew fully one night out of desperation I guess. I couldn’t write, didn’t want to hear music or read, so I tried drawing to see if I’d feel better.



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The Face Beneath

From a sketch. I’ve been having some really bad weeks here. But I am glad I actually got this painting done.

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