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For The Time Being

It’s not moving fast enough
This patch of noise has a swagger of…
Blues in a sticky view
A dying mint sweet

Death to joy, I remember…
A love I’d never need
This loosened grasp of memories
Of strength most unconvincing

I don’t know what happened back then,
And don’t care what’s happened since
There is ice in my blood
A pure indifference, all is numb within


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Until I’m to let go…


The heat is moved
A village-taken out
You see how well things never work?
How weak we are in doubt?

We’re no safer in the light
Than when in dark and blind
The wrong will always cheat to win
Just wait, give it some time

You see, they let her climb this tree
They let her drop that rope
They’ll hold me here for years and years
Until I’m who lets go

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Language in the Light

I’m coasting along. Incredibly empty. I haven’t gotten sleep. No one’s listening to me.

Puts me back into my past, in school, with a mind right in between snapping on everyone around me or running away somewhere expecting death to meet me at whichever direction.

People talk a lot and wish and pray, but it never feels real when it actually happens. When what you’ve been asking for happens….No body is going to be after me or hoping for me and my future if I’m not.


How Long Ago

Run the music, run the words
Calculate my end
My simple complication
Just as silent, just as dead

To live with scattered memory
And bring nothing to close
Fragrant of both failure and loss
To live sorry, to grieve their cost

There are many among us
I am one to get rid of,
When all is cold and without hope
To talk me away from

I’ve seen the limbs, I’ve passed the bridge
I dream the cliffs of high
And no one asks that I save myself
How long ago I’ve died

It just gets worse.


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On the Other side

Pieces of voice and vision
I’m a decorated lie
Shut me out forever
I am the other side

Its see through skin is so cheap
Of hollow promise and belief
Nothing about this keeps me
They are never as alone,

It’s not worth my questions and
Never worth the pain
But I still hurt and hold you high
And bleed you all the same

While dreaming bits of a third eye
From window’s veil of dying light
This going glow- as each scar line
Is softly swept aside

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It’s placed at the end of eternity
But the fearful ones try anyway
A faithful reaching done in vain
Their lives that could be, grossly hang

From this old sage, the ancient tree
Thriving ludicrous philosophies
The marked fools are all in line
Dream-full, in their prime and picked to die
I am a distant witness
My excitement keeps me kind
For what each breath may, or not, mean
They still will not ask why, and

I hear the moonlight weep
For all those bodies squashed beneath
The hollow voices of ripened souls
Down this devil’s throat

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To Sunset

A painting for my mother…

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