So alone it hurts.

The stitches I pull open
Bone, tainted by the breeze
Moments infected pass with ease
They say ‘I know it hurts but breathe’

My darkened spirit sounds the trill
Another self I’ve got to kill
Pray tell; it’s a quick two or three
I bleed–the panic quells to peace

Between the breath and beating
I say I need no more
Now dazed, half awakened
And watching my blood pour

I protect them from their fear
The nightmare swimming in this mirror
I feel my angel turn away…
This time, the end,
Be near



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One response to “So alone it hurts.

  1. I read everything you post, even if I don’t reply right away. I’m sorry for not being around lately. Honestly, you don’t know how much I get out of reading what you’re feeling or have been up to. It’s nice to not feel so fucking alone all of the time, like I’m the only one having a problem with existing. I hope you’re alright. I know how awful that sounds, but I think you’ll know my meaning. I’m gone all the time, just trying not to think about my life, you know? I feel like that’s all I can do anymore. I know I’m a terrible friend, and I don’t expect you to comment on what I write these days. It’s just crap anyway.

    I really do care, I hope you know that. You deserve a chance to live, and you also deserve to have people who care about you supporting you and listening when you need it. I know I’m failing at it right now. I hope you understand.

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