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After three days I finally finished it. It’s painted on a $4 piece of ply wood that was almost flat…anyway, I like how it turned out. I have another piece of wood left and I need a better idea as to what I could try. Hopefully it’ll come to me.

Every time I let the thought that something will actually go right creep into my head, it falls through.

Yeah, I’m in pieces. Back to having no patience with people, random tears, and contemplating a plan to get out. I feel bad. My birthday is in less than a month. Just thinking about that… I don’t know why it makes me feel so down.



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The Faces

A random painting based on sketches I did some weeks ago.

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I tip-toe the sharpened edge


Stay away,
You can’t be responsible for this
These open wide cries
This splitting of my wrists

I’m standing at the end
I tip-toe the sharpened edge
May this reckless air be blessed
My higher soul I do not stress
On I press, so limited
It’s all that I can do
The risk I carve right through
To give myself little more room

To linger as a wound
Slit of pattern-less time
Sorted fast out of line
As the blood begins to dry

Just wanted to post the painting I did that goes with this poem. Below is a skull drawing I’m beginning. If I can get my head clear long enough to paint it, I’ll have that up this weekend probably.




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So alone it hurts.

The stitches I pull open
Bone, tainted by the breeze
Moments infected pass with ease
They say ‘I know it hurts but breathe’

My darkened spirit sounds the trill
Another self I’ve got to kill
Pray tell; it’s a quick two or three
I bleed–the panic quells to peace

Between the breath and beating
I say I need no more
Now dazed, half awakened
And watching my blood pour

I protect them from their fear
The nightmare swimming in this mirror
I feel my angel turn away…
This time, the end,
Be near



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