The Folds

I don’t think I ever shared this painting. It’s not great or anything, I know, and I’m not sure of any real meaning for it exactly but I found I was unusually interested in the petal folds of roses and other flowers. The folds are symbolic to me in a way, because I always think of something being hidden there, something terrible being covered and disguised by something beautiful and secretive.



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3 responses to “The Folds

  1. It’s beautiful, what medium do you use? You translate your thoughts into paintings very well.

    • imaginaryfears

      Thank you. I just use acrylic paints, normal ball point pens, stuff lying around…lol. I don’t have much money at hand to spend for projects, so I make due with what little I do have.

  2. Wow, the red is really brilliant (I love it when you use really bright colors with the darker ones). I noticed you have done quite a few paintings with flowers, then of course vines. I think whether we realize it or not, sometimes the things we are drawn to say a lot about us.

    It’s interesting, what you say about the folds. I like to think of how roses start out as these tiny little buds, then they grow thorns and more petals, almost like this beautiful but deadly suit of armor. I always think of it as protecting something vunlnerable underneath. I guess it could very well be a secret.

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