Elusive Blue




  This butterfly was the hardest to get a  photo of. I took a chance and shot at random caught it with it’s wings open. It happened in the shade so this image is edited for the color to show up better. Below are more poems. I swear I’m working on better material. I just wanted to post something today.


I, the beat-less piece of shade
Of life; I wish I could escape
But once again, they accept
My excuse as truth, so

These nails dig into the wrist
Over and again. Until this burning
Is a bite. Until the biting is a breath,
When the seconds slow to rest

And bloodstain my contemplation
Telling me I am what’s wrong
It shoves me to the brink and
Scolds me for my holding on



I am darkened enough
A sore in this dimension

The spare can never ask.
Not when, where or for what.

But I am not for shame and
Do not scream or look away

As in this moment, pain will own
And I will not deflect



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One response to “Elusive Blue

  1. You always take some really amazing pictures. Did you take this one recently?

    You have such a low opinion of your poetry when you shouldn’t. There’s never been any of it that I haven’t liked and appreciated, and I would guess I’ve read at least a good portion of it by now.

    The last line of ‘Bloodstain’ sums up everything about what this is. I almost feel a guilt these days when I can’t do what I need to do. You get angry for living when you tell yourself again and again that it is for absolutely nothing, and that it’s not going to change no matter how much time you may spend contemplating it. I feel bad at times for taking the paths that I do, but I think that in the end, each act is for a purpose. We wouldn’t do it if we did not need it. Every breath is a struggle, and we have to use whatever we can to make it to the next one.

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