Almost Done

I went in for my second tb test yesterday and unfortunately, the injection site this time was my left arm. She didn’t say anything though. It was the same medical assistant from my last visit. She’s very nice, and now that I’ve gotten back on my medication, I was sort of foggy when I went in and I wasn’t so bothered by the whole thing.

My mom was talking about looking for a psychiatrist instead of another therapist. That way I won’t have to make two different appointments, I’ll be able to see one person for my prescriptions and check ins, so I’ll be searching around for one. I think it’ll work out better, and I’ll be less nervous about this whole thing.

It’s been a while since I’ve posted any art, but ideas have been slow coming, and I’ve been distracted by two songs I’m working on. The rose/flower thing above is an example of my sloppy art…lol. I was so bored the day I painted it I couldn’t focus.

Alright, the first poem below is one more directed at society in general (my city and all) and it’s meant to sound gross and mean in a way. The other is referring to some things that went on in my past. The second one is older, I’m just posting it late. I’ll have something very new to share probably tomorrow, when I’m done with the edit.

(untitled still)

Leave them to rot

Hey, isn’t that our dream?

Don’t we want the unwanted as

Dead bodies on our streets?


City’s fifty heat strokes

For our wealthy five 

From dead, cash spent, safe

Old ways and empty sacrifice


Leave this filth and destruction

Ignore until we die

Untamed, for our greedy games

Are never wastes of time


Deep Seated  



Strained amid the fight

Arguing regret and lies


The child within was broken

I worried someone would die

As each event was woven-

Widened eyes; a lose of mind

Then- blue moon, halfhearted hugs

My arms stiffening to the touch


All my hopes,

Murdered that night

For every wrong never made right…


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One response to “Almost Done

  1. lucienlachance

    I love that painting; the red is great. It really stands out. Oh, and I forgot to mention, you did send me the right piece of art, just so you know :)

    So you’re back on the medication again? I hope it helps some this time. Have you noticed any real differences yet? I guess it will probably take a bit to get into your system.

    It is sad how people get so neglected. I live in a fairly small town, and when I go to the city (which is also quite small), there are homeless people everywhere. Not just that, but it gets below zero at night here. I wonder sometimes where they must go to get shelter. I could easily be in their shoes; if my parents didn’t support me, I wouldn’t be able to do anything about it. I wouldn’t have a job, anything. No one will hire someone who doesn’t have experience with all of the economy woes. It’s not as though I am not completely willing to work. Sad, really.

    The second one, is it about parents arguing? That’s what I interpreted it as. I might be completely off. The ending of it is just…brilliant. How many wrongs have never been made right? God, I can think of a few.

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