Until no one is left

Swift, cruel and violent

World, come to end

One bloody image at a time

Until no one is left, we fight


For celebrated tragedies…

Restore me to a certainty, the

Gloom of my burnt conscience

Of wounds in resolution spread


In shadows we can not out run

Of darkness never overcome

Any fight for the living-

Shall never be won


I’m a little gloomy today I guess. The painting above is one I did about two weeks ago, trying to produce something constructive from the agitation I was feeling, so it’s meant to look unpleasant with the way the lines bend and break.


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One response to “Until no one is left

  1. lucienlachance

    I like that painting; it almost looks like electricity going through water or something (yes, I see strange things…sorry). It definitely has a chaotic sort of feel to it, with the harsh black cutting through the lighter blue.

    This poem strikes me as a reference to anarchy. I can see the personal side to it, but it also has a societal one as well. I think it is very true that the fight for the living is really never won. The truth is, we all die anyway. All the wars, all the hate, it’s inconsequential, because someday we will die and be forgotten.

    I think as a society, we are taught to fear death beyond anything else, and as a result we fight in vain to find some sort of immortality, generally through a historical means. The irony is that someday human beings will all die, go extinct. Then who will remember?

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