Hope is Gone


This pit of

All abandonment

Last long, I won’t; the gates of

Forward lock and close


Of grief and its sorry weight

I am dark and shapeless

Its leaving has swallowed my suns

I am lost,

Undone in chaos


Knotted flow of memory…

Tomorrow does not breathe

Hope is slight; and I am not okay

I won’t be getting up today



I’m working on new writing now. It sounds different from what I’ve done. There’s less rhyming, and some of it’s sounds even a little silly or strange, which can’t be too bad. This poem above was one I left months ago but have been slowly working on from time to time since. It’s about anything that has left you really, a feeling, a person you rely on or whatever it might be. The dark world depression can throw you into is what it means to me. It could all sound better, but I didn’t want it changed too much from the moment I was writing the idea down. That’s the whole point, to have it as a release, so I didn’t want to lose or change the initial thought behind it all too much. 


That photo above is one I took this morning of the ice dripping from some tree branches. The color is edited a little, btw. 



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2 responses to “Quiet

  1. You must be a great photographer. The photo captures the moment well.

  2. lucienlachance

    I’m so glad you’re feeling some inspiration again. This really does sound different from your other things; the flow is very different. But as always you have that great point to it, a whole lot of meaning that extends beyond the text itself.

    The photo is great, and really does suit the poem.

    Feels like a cloud of doom, doesn’t it? I’m sorry it keeps going like this, truly. I mean, I never know what to say about it anymore, except that there must be some good that comes from it all. I’m guessing you’re still feeling that numbness? It will pass, eventually. In a way, I always try to remind myself to enjoy it while it lasts, because nothing can touch me there, you know? It feels so bleak at the time, but afterward I always find myself crumbling, trying to deal with the emotion that hits me like a ton of bricks. Really, everything is both positive and negative; I don’t see anything as black and white anymore. It’s just not that simple. I think you know that too.

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