This image goes with the ‘Broken’ poem I posted here recently (thanks for the suggestion lucienlachance). I’ve been working on this on and off the last week trying to get the lighting right as I took photos of this drawing. The silver paint I used for the mirror fragments was metallic, so the light outside was kind of thrown all over the place. Anyway, I might make another version. This one isn’t as bloody as I had in mind, but I was afraid to go too far with the red paint this time (I usually ruin the whole picture when I try to splatter color) so next time I’ll change some things around.

What’s so funny is I was afraid to have anyone in my family see me working on this one. Too much to explain as far as what it means.


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One response to “Broken

  1. lucienlachance

    I absolutely love this one—very well done. It’s pretty easy to tell what’s happening, the look on her face, the blood. It’s probably a bit wrong that this is one of my favorites out of the things you’ve done. I guess the fact that it is personal is what I like, it just gives it a lot more meaning, you know?

    Anyway, send it to me if you get the chance, okay?

    I hope you are doing well enough. :)

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