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This image goes with the ‘Broken’ poem I posted here recently (thanks for the suggestion lucienlachance). I’ve been working on this on and off the last week trying to get the lighting right as I took photos of this drawing. The silver paint I used for the mirror fragments was metallic, so the light outside was kind of thrown all over the place. Anyway, I might make another version. This one isn’t as bloody as I had in mind, but I was afraid to go too far with the red paint this time (I usually ruin the whole picture when I try to splatter color) so next time I’ll change some things around.

What’s so funny is I was afraid to have anyone in my family see me working on this one. Too much to explain as far as what it means.


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For you, I will keep myself

Tightly chained, with ever

Sharpening self-hate

Held close, in ready blades


I am simply too sorry, to

Allow the shame to hide

Killed, is every single thought

Of warm, forgiving light


The clear path I walked upon

Dissolves in tears of grief

And I don’t want to heal and

Reemerge so changed or free



A poem about losing something/someone and not wanting to come back from the despair. I’ve been reading mythology lately, so maybe I can think of some better metaphors and add more color to my words again. With whatever nonsense I might have to say. I’m not feeling too well. Very much at the end of the line, again. By myself for too long, again and again. It’s all real. All terrible and stupid in it’s own way. I should be gone by now.




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