Complete disappointment, from many different angles. From people using or manipulating you to the bad advice from others or yourself that you never want to hear but it is repeated over and over anyway. But that’s just my interpretation of it (for today..lol).

Let Down

Trust swindled me of a soul

I was above the trance of these other sheep

But I see what they’ve done

Every smile I perceived was a fallacy

To ever think I was enough….

I am swathed in botched self confidence

A boring balance of undesired range

It’s my own disillusionment forcing me to change

It’s the beady way they looked at me

With flickering disdain….

This is the life of the broke and used

I am beneath with the fragments of an unfulfilled wish

Fast pace confusion gave its old opinion

Shriveled experience poured out its dust of a vision

Its wisdom and wounds, without a reason


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One response to “Disappointment…

  1. lucienlachance

    “Trust has swindled me of a soul” —that’s a great line. That’s definitely how I’ve felt about it all as well. I was so caught up in friendships, thinking and believing that others cared, when the truth was they were disgusted with me. I guess at the time though, I was desperate for someone to understand, which might have been why I blocked it out for so long before finally accepting it….

    I’m glad you got to have your say! I think absentee ballots are the way to go in big cities. Can you imagine getting there all hyped up and then not having the chance to vote because you were too late? I remember when I used to live in a smaller town, and my parents would have a hell of a time getting there early enough to vote (otherwise they would have to stand in line during work hours, which wasn’t good…). And our town was pretty dinky, so I can see what you’re saying about a bigger city. Anyway, totally cool that you got to vote :)

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