For Death

I’ve been scattered. This picture is one I took of a flower in my back yard, edited and all. You know when you are just so aware of what you can’t control that you stop trying? That’s how it’s been lately, with everything I attempt to do. Like today, I tried to draw another portrait and when it wasn’t working out, I threw it aside, went to writing something and realized how scattered my lines and verses where getting….it’s to the point where I’ve gotten lost in pointlessness. I’m not making sense, and my poem probably won’t either, but it was written after I wrote the first two lines about a week or two ago. It stems from those two lines is what I mean.

Dew upon the rotten blooms

The stench, its leak of secrecy

Cleanse this air of all its use

And choke the life of me


The nightshade drinking up all dreams

A taste of sweet and acid burst

Rise of vapors whisperings

I listen for the curse


Eternal roots of the yew

Unseal and peel and bleed in wealth

Melt this grave, drain and consume

And take my soul in death







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One response to “For Death

  1. lucienlachance

    I know that feeling…. Whenever I feel like that I always get so frustrated, because I feel like expressing myself is the only way I will get out of the slump, yet I can’t write anything. Then if I do manage to write a bit of something I always wind up despising it. Haha. Don’t worry about it, you know? The mood always passes eventually.

    There is this sinister side to flowers, which I think is why I enjoy it when you use them symbolically in your poetry. Roses for instance have thorns. They are beautiful, yet they can cause pain…like most beautiful things.

    In the beginning of this poem you are talking about being polluted by your own thoughts, right? I think they definitely do choke, even more than anything else. Just one thought can have more impact than anything anyone else could possibly say to me.

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