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The Last Rose

I write this poem some months ago and actually posted it, but then quickly took it down when I realized I could do better for it. So I changed some things around, and I will say it relates to my current place in life in a way. When I say ‘last rose’ I mean the last good thing. The thing I woke up to live for, being gone or becoming unimportant. This is about how that can happen, and when I don’t know what to do to move on, I just want to give up.

This morning’s golden halo
Torched and withered my last rose
Insanity is getting bold
Such misery…I cannot cope

Tears are slipping down my throat
Disturbed shards of a broken soul
Blades and sorrow hold me close
Dreaming far, of dark and cold

Skinless, grotesque, predisposed
Self-destruction’s all I know
Embrace my inner Scorpio
I have a future to disown

I can’t fix the status quo
Life takes too long to let me go
My lies receive a second coat
Pretend to live knowing I won’t


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Of Midnight

To expect my weak and common lies

For someone to talk me down

For someone to take and twist my knife

And bleed my dark intentions dry


Tell me about the hour clever thieves get away

When reckless bullets tragically stray

A bundle of suspicion crawls the floor

Tragic events seep from beneath these doors


It happens as no one’s up to care

Then, this veil of forgotten-ness begins to tear

The hours dwindle through a ruined light

Dazzled blues, the regretful hues of night



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In Dark, In Sleep



The dark, the blind and vulnerable

I am where subconscious urges roam


In fluid dreams; their disconnect

They speak of all things alien


In sleep, sorrowful memories

A fixed unease roots from the crease


My threaded thoughts fray unstrung

My secure world becomes undone



A simple one that started out apart of another poem I am working on. This section I thought was better on its own.




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Sort of how I’ve been feeling the last couple of days. It’s been hard trying to really get back into writing poetry, and write something I am really satisfied with. This is a start I guess. I think a lot about being nothing. It’s hard explaining exactly what I mean by that because it’s really more than what it sounds like.  

Irritated; ready to die
My tears hang on for dear life

Won’t my familiars admit the truth?
I am around without a use?
I shade in well, I disappear
In disturbed thoughts no one else hears
To be apart of nothingness…..
Between each breath and each second

Nothing is decided, nothing recognized
Where lives of all sorts are born to die
I’ll keep away. I will not leech
Isolation has a point I’ve reached
When talk turns a weak enemy
When those around refuse to see

As prayer, and bright hopeful dreams
Decide to mean nothing.


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