Certain dreams cause me a fit
No one deciphered my silence
Or noticed my laughter had a glitch
Truth is hidden so well in a hinge
Who cares when fresh blood arrests my attention?
Or when my wounds manifest an infection

I still rot the inside out.

Life won’t accept a fragile confidence
It effortlessly mutilates my own self respect
I am dedicated to the silky texture of rejection
Familiar abandonment’s painful affection
To steal away from future years….
Tonight makes a promise for tomorrow’s tears

Soggy prayers in faithful doubt.

I have an aura in gray
My plans fall apart so beautifully
From light to ash, I’m not worth its healing
Solitude never negotiates my feelings
My senses only recognize a sour burn
Thick fluid of my eye growing bored and course

A real spirit’s never found.



Filed under Art, Death, Life, people, personal, poems, poetry

2 responses to “Decay

  1. Love the poem. I sense that it embodies your spirit and what you would like to improve. Beautiful

  2. lucienlachance

    It’s very deep. I think I’ve gotten most of the meaning, though I’m sure my interpretation is different than yours. I love how what you write is always something that seems as though it could be sung. It’s always so thought out, each line could stand alone and still be understood.

    “No one deciphered my silence
    Or noticed my laughter had a glitch”

    I think I’m in love with that part. It’s curious to me that my laugh sounds to bitter to me, yet others appear not to hear it that way.

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