Heaven Fades

This poem means a lot of things. Take it as literal if it makes more sense, but there is symbolism here. I’m still trying to figure out exactly what it means myself….I guess I mean the good things I was once told; the advice always on the bright side and how it doesn’t keep me anymore. A certain faith and security is gone and isn’t coming back soon. Darkness being more abundant, always there; light being so short lived.

A death before the life
When nothing’s wrong, nothing’s right
What if there is no afterlife?
No divine love in paradise…

Don’t presume to know what He wants
We are his random dream
I’m sure his feelings aren’t hurt
Our ‘loyalty’ means nothing

A moral story, a rusty hymn
Pure nightmares, utopian myths
Grim death is bond unto the soul
The fear that lives and dies alone

They are far upon their thrones
Those stars died out so long ago
A trillion thoughts, angels all spent
Heaven fades, in the chaos of darkness



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2 responses to “Heaven Fades

  1. db

    I dont mean to insult you, and hope I dont. But your writings, seem to be a good use of words, being able to use words, to make things make sense. Maybe one day, you will be able to explain or understand things that dont make sense now.

  2. lucienlachance

    I love this, it’s really amazing. And I definitely do feel the sense of symbolism behind the words.

    It sort of reminds me of all of the things my mother used to tell me, that, compared with the bible. One part in particular where you wrote, “A moral story, a rusty hymn” and you talk about nightmares and utopia…. Most people had parents who used to read them the “moral” based bedtime stories, they also probably experieced the nightmares that sometimes come along with that. You go to bed thinking about it and your mind takes it all in directions you don’t want to go. Now when I think about it, I often wonder if the reason those stories disturb so much is because we secretly know they aren’t true. Happy endings, princes rescuing princesses…it doesn’t happen in real life. Perhaps nightmares are a way of reminding us that no matter how much parents say life can be wonderful, there is always a darkside to things. Yeah, sorry to go on and on….

    Then more blatantly looking at the words, it’s reminiscent of God, of church. Do good things you go to heaven, sin, and you get to go to hell (sometimes it’s streched so far as to insinuate that even being Christian won’t save you from hell if you sin too much…).

    Behind all of it, for me at least, is the idea that we do not live in utopia, but distopia, and we will never be able to make it “right”. That is a human imperfection, I guess, always looking for improvement when much of the time there can be none.

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