This was originally supposed to be a song, but I’ve concluded I just don’t have the ear for turning lines into songs that sound right (if anything they’d sound better if someone with a good voice sang them…lol) So I re-wrote it as a poem.

 …..In darkness glows the whitest rose
Secrets within the pedal folds……

Agony looks so upset
Repeated disappointments
Their cold eyes and what they meant
Have forced this rope about her neck
One last glance, her peace begins
Far below a life will end

There is a vengeful voice they know
From dreams unheeded of her ghost
A million scattered shattered bones
Her pain has no where else to go
Sleep, they’ve come to fear the dark
Her summoned nightmares tear apart

…..The ashes of this rose fall
Smothering the grave she haunts….


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Filed under Death, Life, personal, poetry, suicide

One response to “Agony

  1. mchmt55116

    So sad… “Agony” has seemed to lost all hope and is in a bleak state of affairs. Very moody and original I like it I just hope its fictional and not a representation of how you feel.

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