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In this disappearing mood, this nameless fades in blue

Her soul amid seasoned notes; that piano’s sad song

Those dark hooded eyes stare off, glazed in tragedies

Cold, heavy, liquid streaks, unfortunate and smothering

Night sent its sympathy; apologies of life

Their lies and sassy attitudes, their rhythm wasn’t right

Her heart beats in smooth, storytelling jazz

As a shadow takes her hand for a final slow dance

She has the time; her poison’s in a fancy glass

She waits for the last bitter memories to pass

Success from her beating upon death’s door

Surviving hardly feels right anymore….

 This poem is newer. I wrote it with a scene in my head, trying to take myself away from personal writing, and create a character I could just relate to. It’s a little strange, especially the form, but who really cares? The whole point of what I’m writing now is to break out of the box I’ve put myself in with being so strick when coming up with verses, always having to rhyme and look ‘perfect’, up to my own standards, which are too high anyway… 



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